Mission – Your mission is to create a positive environment during lunchtime. Our students are really great kids but they are kids. When you have 500+ youth unsupervised in multiple areas, within a short time, some will find mischief.

What Spend some time with your child during their lunch and also help supervise the other lunch and help create a positive experience for students. Please show up 10-15 minutes before lunch starts to sign-in at office, get name badge, and get oriented.

Who – Your team

  • Cafeteria – Tom Vandenberg (custodian) and Sarah Hurst (lunchtime aide)
  • Gym or South Field – Melinda Hilyard and Greg Rasmussen (PE teachers)
  • TJ Strain and Muriel Mann (Assistant Principals)


1st  Lunch 10:55-11:25 (Fridays 10:50-11:20)
2nd Lunch 12:20-12:50 (Fridays 12:10-12:40)

With your time in-between lunches you can ask Jan or TJ if they can use your help or just have the time to yourself to run an errand, make work calls, etc.


  • Cafeteria, commons, gym or West Field (on the South Field only for intramurals and supervised by a gym teacher).
  • If there are no intramurals outside on your supervision day (Mondays and Fridays), students should stay within eyeshot and earshot (to the south as far as the music hall walkway and to the north to the fire hydrant).


  • If your son or daughter is open to it, the ideal scenario is for you to bring a pizza or two to share with them and maybe share a few slices with their friends. For the most part, kids love this! Spend that lunch with your child and then help supervise the other lunch.
  • Be a positive presence
  • Talk to students
  • Ask students about classes, interests and doings
  • Remind students of rules if they aren’t behaving
  • Stop blatant or egregious behavior

Note: Unless you have a cleared background check you are not allowed to be alone with a student at any time.

Thank you for your time and for making a positive impact!


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